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Ray-Vin Scope Stand Components
Ray-Vin A-Base Tripod Only

The Ray-Vin Tripod Base, Base Only.
The Hub is bored for 1" rods.
P-Post is 1".

A-Base $100
Ray-Vin F-Base Bipod Only

The Ray-Vin Bipod Base, Base Only.
The Hub is bored for 1" rods.

F-Base $100

Ray-Vin 9.5 Taper Thread 1" Diameter Rod Sets

The Ray-Vin 9.5 taper thread is a most robust design. It is about impossible to cross thread.
The sections go together with just a couple of turns.
Even if the threads get a ding they still go together and continue to serve.
Threaded inserts are TIG welded into the prepared rods for concentricity.

Rod sets include one base rod, one extension, one top knob and one base plug.
This is what you need to assemble to an A-Base or F-Base.

1" dia. 48" Rod Set $125

1" dia. 60" Rod Set $125

Single Rods

1" dia. 24" Base Rod $50

1" dia. 24" Extension Rod $60

1" dia. 30" Base Rod $50

1" dia. 30" Extension $60

Other Parts

Eclipse Top Knob $10

Eclipse Base Plug $8

Eclipse Guide Bullet $8

Stop Collars

This allows you to position the stop collar on your scope stand to quickly locate your scope for prone position.
Acetel (delrin) with a stainless screw. Nothing to rust! Includes hex wrench.
Ray-Vin stop collar $10.00
1" Stop Collar $10.00
3/4" Stop Collar $10.00

Set of two(2) 3/4" diameter x 12" extensions for the tactical tripod.
(will not mate with our 1" rods)