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The Ray-Vin Eclipse Scope Head
US Patent 7,021,592

The Eclipse Head is the culmination of the desire for a simple and sturdy device.
This scope head becomes part of the scope, no quick detach is necessary,
although you may still use one if you wish.
The unique one knob design makes it an easy and simple task to aim any telescope.
Additionally this is one, if not the only, head for angle eyepiece scopes that do not have a rotating band.

Tightening the knob first arrests the vertical motion on the stand rod.
As tightening continues the spring friction of the internal
elements will hold the body from rotating on the rod
and the ball from rotating in the socket.
At this point you can still rotate the head on the rod and the scope on the ball and they stay put.
When you are satisfied with the lay of the scope,
tighten the knob a little tighter to keep it from moving from vibration or bumps.

When packing up at the end of the day, loosen the knob and slide the scope, head and all, off the rod.
Fold the head parallel to the scope and lock the knob down for a secure and rattle free transport.

Our scope heads are made from 6061-T6 aluminum, 303 stainless steel and acetel (Delrin) and include mounting stud and hex wrench.

One inch Eclipse scope head for 1" rods. $119.00 + delivery.

Three-quarter Eclipse scope head for 3/4" rods. $119.00 + delivery.

Five-eights Eclipse scope head for 5/8" rods. $119.00 + delivery.