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Ray-Vin Bench Rest Scope Stand
US Patent 7,021,592

Our Ultimate Bench Rest spotting scope stand clamps to any bench up to 9" thick!
The double offset of the link and our famous scope head lets you put the scope where you want it,
not where the scope stand dictates.
You can even put the scope head below the link to keep more bench surface clear.

The clamping plates adjust and will clamp on benches up to 8" thick.

Knurled knob and lever screws let you set up the scope quickly without tools.

A ball swivel foot on the clamping screw conforms to uneven surfaces.
Ray-Vin Ultimate Bench Rest Stand
Includes Ray-Vin Eclipse Head (with stop collar), Outrigger, and two 12"x1" stainless steel tubes.

Ray-Vin Ultimate WITHOUT HEAD
Ultimate without scope head. Accepts any 1" scope head.

Bare Bones - Clamps and one rod
$49.00 Bare Bones Bench Rest