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The Ray-Vin Super Smoker (US Pat. 7243682)
Smoker Instructions (pdf)

$59.95 Ray-Vin Smoker & 10oz Carbide
Free Shipping to USA destinations!

Super Smoker only $49.95
Free Shipping to USA destinations.

10oz Carbide only $17.50
Free Shipping to USA destinations.

Available Only From Ray-Vin!
The Ray-Vin Super Smoker
The Ray-Vin SuperSmoker was developed to address the need for an easy to use and mess free carbide smoker for pistol and rifle shooters. The soot from the acetylene flame gives the best possible sight black you can get. The smoker holds separate supplies of carbide and water. The water is injected (via a special pump and one-way valve) to generate acetylene on-demand. The self contained flint wheel ignition readily ignites the gas for a carbon rich flame to blacken your sights. The smoker is made from Delrin® for smooth operation and corrosion free years of service. Our exclusive safety cap prevents accidental ignition. 1-1/4" diameter x 4-1/2" long.
Each smoker comes with an extra flint, a spare valve
and a couple of extra o-rings.

Carbide and shipments containing carbide may only be shipped parcel post to US destinations.
Bullseye Calcium Carbide - 10oz Size!
$19.95 Free Shipping!

Each bottle will provide thirty to thirty-five FULL charges in your Ray-Vin Super Smoker.
A full charge is what is used to fill an EMPTY smoker.
With care you will only have to add a small amount of carbide each time you service your smoker.
Shooting across the course twice a month, and smoking at every yard line,
a bottle of carbide should last a couple of years.

Keep the container closed tightly to prolong shelf life.