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AR-15 Front Sight Windage Adjustor

Another Ray-Vin Exclusive! Introduced 12 April, 2007
Windage Adjustor Instructions (pdf)
The AR Windage Adjustor eliminates the guess work and takes the trial and error out of zeroing your AR-15 M1A windage adjustable front sight. The Sight Adjuster is a clamp-on mount for a dial indicator that attaches to the barrel of your AR15 M1A rifle.

To use this tool, first set the rear sight at mechanical zero. Then shoot a group to determine how much error is in the front sight. The indicator is clamped to the barrel, placing the disk against one of the front sight wings, and the dial is zeroed. The adjusting set screws are loosened. Using the adjusting screws, the front sight base is moved in the direction of the group just fired by the amount required, about 0.006" per MOA. The screws are then tightened in a pattern while maintaining the dial setting. At this point you can re-fire a group to confirm the correct front sight position or go on and lock-tite the adjusting screws.
A pivoting clamp plate allows quick positioning and removal, even on rifles with flash suppressors and muzzle brakes.

You need to have a windage adjustable front sight base on your rifle to use this tool.

Click here to see if you have a windage adjustable front sight base.

Ray-Vin Front Sight Windage Adjuster $49.00
Ray-Vin Front Sight Windage Adjuster NO INDICATOR $29.00
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