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AR-15 Rear Sight Verifier

Another Ray-Vin Exclusive! Introduced Nov. 24, 2002
Sight Checker Instructions (pdf)
The AR Sight Verifier is a clamp-on mount for a dial indicator that attaches to the carry handle of your AR15 or M16 rifle. The indicator can be positioned to check both elevation and windage adjustments on the rear sight.

Have you ever turned the sight, click after click, with no apparent effect? Then on the next click, your bullet takes a big jump? It could be your sight is not consistent or will not return to zero.

Verifier positioned for windage
Verifier positioned for elevation

Knurled thumb screws make it easy to quickly adjust the indicator to any desired position.

Now you can check your sight and either verify that it is working correctly or determine that you need it to be tuned up.

AR Sight Verifier with Dial Indicator $69.00
AR Sight Verifier WITHOUT Dial Indicator $49.00
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