Reports from the field:

Some targets

Feb. 8,2018 From Jason B.

From Pete G., Tuscon, AZ - 175 yards using Speer Gold Dot.

Jan. 24,2018 From Mike S.

From Ptarmigan hunt at -20º in Alaska.

Jan. 9, 2018 From Sparky B.

PSA lower
Odin works winter trigger guard
Odin works extended mag release
Rock river arms 2 stage varmint trigger
15" free float slim handguard

Dec. 4, 2016

R. Allston customer build:
BMR 16" Right Hand WMR22 Upper
YHM Suppressor
CMC Trigger
PSA Lower

Feb. 27,2016

Click for larger image.

I put several hundred rounds thru your upper today.
Four different types of ammo. It functioned 100% flawlessly.
Accuracy is hindered by the cheap mil spec trigger I put in that lower but at 65 yards 5 rounds fit under a quarter.
That is plenty accurate for a 100ish yard varmint rifle. Thanks for making such a cool product!
B.M., Platte, SD

I ran down to the range and although I only had a 25 yard booth I was happy to see how the upper would function.
First off I have to say this upper is awesome. I was able to fire off 150 rounds before I had to go back to work.
It was flawless and every round cycled without a single ftf or fte. The only issue I had was the first round in the
first magazine I inserted. I believe this was my fault and found if you slide the round over the last one and use your
thumb to lightly press the rim of the round down. This causes the nose of the round to come upward just enough to enter the chamber.
I have owned another .22 WMR semi auto rifle before and sold it because of issues. Your upper in .22 WMR is a definite keeper.
It functions perfect even when I decided to go cowboy and rapidly empty an entire magazine.
T.F., North Royalton, OH

I finally got a chance to hit the range and shot a couple boxes of cci 40 gr through it and everything went great with no issues.
H.C., St Paul, MN

Shot it today!! It's amazing !!! Didn't have much time to shoot. Only shot 3 mags worth .
Only tried the one spring/buffer combo, one stovepipe on the first mag, the next 2 ran perfect.
D.C., Grand Island, NY

I went to the range today and of course it snowed, despite the weatherman telling us it was going to be fifty degree’s.
I shot 200 rounds of Fiocchi 40 gr TMJ rounds rated at 1900 FPS. Again it was perfect and I only had one jam that was my fault.
Being cold I shifted my position with my finger near the trigger and I think I soft shouldered the rifle and hit the trigger.
I guess I shouldn’t have even mentioned it but even people shooting for years make dumb moves.
In summation it was a perfect shooter with all rounds accurately hitting their mark without issue.
I do get a kick out of hearing the spring go back when I fire. I know I have a good cycle from the sound.
T.F., North Royalton, OH